Lech was recommended to me by a neighbor where kitchen he remodeled. He has since re-done two bathrooms and a laundry room for me. The work was beautiful and well done, with attention to details. Many times Lech made design decisions as well as the involving construction. He worked consistently and always on time and within the budget. He stands by his word. If a problem occurs, he will return to take care of it.
Geri Feinberg
Deerfield ,il

"Lech is a true master craftsmen. It is rare to find someone who takes not only pride but joy in his work. We have been very happy with his work. His creativity enhanced the projects that he has done for us. He is also very honest and trustworthy"
Cici &Bob Greco
Deerfield, IL

My husband and I could not happier with the work that Lech did in our house. He redesigned our kitchen and made it into a work of art. We have enjoyed it and received so many complements on it. He is a true craftsman!! Lech also did two bathrooms for us and one is more beautiful than the other!!! They look like they are straight out of a kitchen and bath magazine. We have a very old home and to tear out the bathrooms and the kitchen was major work but Lech did it all with such enthusiasm, he truly loves his work and takes much pride in doing a perfect job!!! I can not imagine using anyone else ever again and would recommend him highly!!!
Dr. Carlos and Mrs. Mary Jane Fernandez

We had our basement, bathroom and first floor completely remodeled and we were very pleased with the results. The work was done with minimum disruption and on time. It's clear that Lech takes pride in his work as he is meticulous about every detail.
Sam & Angie Lazich
Park Ridge , IL




It’s impossible for me to praise the work of Lech Laszczkowski  enough.  My husband and I have owned 3 homes and we have never worked with a contractor who was as professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable, reliable, and who produced such high quality work.  We intend to call on Lech in the future for any other home improvement jobs that we have.   Lech totally refurbished our very large master bathroom suite.  Here is why we are so impressed with Lech’s work.

Lech is:

·        A master craftsman.  The quality of his work is impeccable.  He is a jack of all trades and equally good at all of them.  He is expert at electrical, construction, design, plumbing and tiling, to name a few.

·        A fabulous design expert and is very creative.  Usually, you have to hire a contractor, subcontractors plus a designer for a job of our size.  Lech performed all of the roles impeccably.  While I had a general idea of how we wanted our master bathroom suite refurbished, Lech made significant improvements to my original concepts.  And if I had not had any ideas, it was clear to me the first time that I met Lech that he knew exactly what needed to be done.  He had a vision.

·        Very good at improvising in order to improve the design or to deal with prior construction problems as he goes along.  He doesn’t panic.  He meets all challenges.  He simply goes about making certain that he does every phase of the job at the highest level of quality possible.

·        Good about finding ways to complete work for a reasonable price.  He will work within your price point regardless of what it is.  We had a very limited budget for the size of the job and Lech stayed within it.  We were very pleased with the price we paid for the size and quality of the job completed.

·        An extremely conscientious, hard worker.  He showed up at our house every morning by 7:30 a.m. and didn’t leave until 6:30 p.m.  He worked 6 days a week.  When I say work, I mean that he never stops even for a break.  He is reliable. 

·        Very professional and ethical.  We have had unfavorable experiences in the past with contractors who promised one thing and delivered another or didn’t finish their work or didn’t complete high quality work.  In every possible way, Lech was professional in his dealings with us along the way as decisions needed to be made.  He was very fair in dealing with us.  We felt that it was a partnership and we enjoyed working with Lech.

·        A one man band.  He does not use subcontractors.  He does all of the work himself with the exception of installing specialized features such as the glass door of our shower which needed to be installed by the vendor we purchased it from.    This turned out to be an advantage from our perspective.  It improved communications throughout the job because we only had to talk with one person and we could be certain that the message was clear that way.  Because Lech’s standards are so high, we benefited from having every aspect of the job done very professionally and correctly.  Had there been many subcontractors, the quality of the work would have been uneven.

·        Dedicated to completing one job at a time.  This was key.  Our job ended up being more complicated than Lech or we could have imagined.  Lech continued to work on our job and our job alone until he finished.  He never became discouraged and he never disappeared for days on end as prior contractors have done in our experience.  Had he been juggling our job with many others it would have taken many months to complete the work.  We would have been displaced from our bedroom and bathroom for at least 6 months.  We very much appreciated that Lech focused entirely on our job and got it done in a timely fashion so that our daily lives were not disrupted.

·        Consultative.  Lech is excellent at consulting the client along the way about a variety of decisions that need to be made in order to make certain that the client gets the details that they are after.   While I had opinions and had researched what I wanted months in advance and looked at many other bathrooms previously, in every single case when it came time to make a design decision, Lech’s views were far superior to mine.  He was good about asking my opinion and not imposing his views.  However, I ALWAYS asked Lech his opinion since he had so much experience and every single time he knew exactly the right way to go.  His ideas were far superior to mine and more creative.

·        Very creative.  Some contractors are good at implementing plans but they do not improve the work as needed as they go along.  In Lech’s case at every phase of the work he figured out ways to improve upon the original plan and he did so without charging us accordingly. 

·        Very talented at tiling.  Lech is talented at every aspect of construction but I particularly appreciated his aesthetic eye for tile designs and colors and his original designs for some of the tile work that he included in our bathroom.  The quality of his work was far superior to any other contractor we had met with.  In fact, most of the others wouldn’t even undertake the designs that Lech implemented in our bathroom in terms of the original tile inserts that he designed and constructed for our shower and our bathtub.  We ended up with a customized bathroom design versus a standard, boring bathroom design, particularly in the tiling.   

·        Has a sense of humor and inspires confidence.  Whenever one is having a room of their house refurbished, it’s stressful because your routine is off and you are focusing on making extra decisions.  Lech always had a great sense of humor which is essential for breaking tension.  He inspired total confidence.  We NEVER worried about the quality of his work and we NEVER doubted that he would finish a first rate job. 

·        Trustworthy.  We have never allowed construction workers to be in our house while we’re out of town.  Lech proved himself so early on in the job to be totally ethical and trustworthy that we felt totally comfortable giving him a key to our house and allowing him to work on the job while we were gone for 3 weeks in another State.   

I could go on and on about the quality of Lech’s work.  In summary, it was a total pleasure to work with Lech.    We would work with him again without question.  Due to his broad expertise we would trust him to complete all construction jobs that we could imagine needing done as well as the more basic jobs such as painting walls, fixing doors, etc.

I would be most pleased to speak with you if you have further questions about what it’s like to work with Lech.  Please feel free to contact me at 847-295-8301.

Best Wishes,


Mary M. Dwyer, PhD